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Scissors are meant for cutting but can also be used to stab.

Let's not talk about it.

It's just not enough.


He hurt his left foot when he fell.

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Did you iron all the shirts?

I don't want Tricia to make a fuss.

It's a crime against humanity.


I wonder if Jesus will come tonight.


I'd just like to know what I did wrong.

No one dances sober.

I can't speak Vietnamese.

Cristi isn't leaving until 2:30, right?

This box is very heavy, so I can't carry it.

I feel indebted to you for your help during my illness.

The new Scottish Parliament is inaugurated.

It's all over between us.

She signed over the car to Randy.

He is famous as a doctor.

I am what I am today thanks to my parents.


Everything happened very quickly and it was all very strange.


She cried all bloody night.

The villa was silent.

The very next day after the departure of it's friend, it felt lonely.


Keep an eye on the door.

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Twenty people perished in the blaze.

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It is not clear when the man was born.

I never said I was fragile.

We don't want any accidents.


I don't think I'm going to make it.

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I'll remain in Rome for three days.

I know that you love me.

There's something mysterious about him.

This clock seems to be malfunctioning.

Do you intend to help Byron?

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Thank you, everybody. Thank you so much.

I have to do it myself.

I'm a people person.

Come on, Joe. Don't be a stick in the mud. Go to the party with us!When you told Nancy how fat she is, you really hit her where it hurts.

A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.


Turn the TV down, please.


We were all rather exhausted.

Someone like that is destined to fail.

Granville was sitting alone in the park, reading a book.


Which university are you studying at?

Sorry that I love you.

We just want to do our part.

There are so many questions: Do I like myself?

They're gone.


His character evened out.


I really just want to make friends.


I've heard that sound before.


He is in anguish over her child.

I've just eaten.

The judge condemned him to death.

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I am going to write a letter tomorrow.

Kathryn's sister is a nun.

All communication of the contents of the mind is language, communication in words being only a particular case of human language.

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I am afraid he is going to spill the beans.

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Toerless was dumping trash.

She inclined her head in greeting.

Could I please borrow your pen?

May I have your birth date?

On the language website, he could not find the selection for Lingua Franca Nova.


He handled the tool skillfully.

Ram yelled at everybody.

Merril stepped up to the microphone.

They flattened themselves against the wall.

Only in our store will you find footrests at surprisingly low prices.

I feel that I am a burden to everyone, that no one will ever love me.

I could be mistaken.

He bought pencils, notebooks, dictionaries and so on.

The Principles of the South East Europe Cooperation Process Charter;

If I do that, will everybody teach me?

Marek won't be here until 2:30.


He is making good progress in playing the piano.

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The circus and the show are brimful of fun and laughter.

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I really like this one.

Where do they do that?

You know how.

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He went about the town looking for the dog.

Would you mind telling me how you got into my office?

Aren't you glad Manuel gave us enough money to buy something to eat?

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This one's crowded, so let's take the next train.

Why are we doing this?

I hope that John comes.


Could you please tell me again when the meeting is supposed to start?

You have to see this.

I'm fairly happy.

Are all laws just?

You do like him, don't you?

Who's that girl with the red sash?

I hope the meeting goes well.


I'm puzzled.

I'm a good driver.

The people who live here are our friends.

Well, it's time for me to run off. Bye!

My brother has recently taken a fancy for stoats.

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Who can speak French better, Metin or Ssi?

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Cindie always hugs his son when he returns from work.


Where can I see a football game?

Shadow and Miltos aren't married to each other.

Bruno made Lou do it.

I don't really feel like reading.

Do you want to try it on?

Do you honestly believe that?

You are extremely unpleasant.


Jarmo didn't even have the courtesy to say that he was sorry.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

I'm finished with that.

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Keep away from us.

Please call Paula and let him know we're OK so he doesn't worry.

He speaks five languages.


They made a movie of the entire ceremony.

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This isn't yours.

Are you going to call them?

How long is this going to last?

This problem baffles me.

It's not similar at all.

Hughes came into the room without knocking on the door.

I'm very pleased to be here.

She plans to take part in the beauty contest.

The Vice-President talked at the meeting in place of the President.

I'm happy nothing bad happened.

Do you know why I hate Heinz? Because he is everywhere.

I love to float on the water.

He asked me for money.


I think you might like to go to the concert tonight.


We can leave after lunch.


Carolyn put down the box he was holding.

Geoff hasn't given up yet.

All unclaimed property will be disposed of at midday tomorrow.

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Do you have any idea how lucky you've been?

You should've heard the family's reaction when I told them the good news.

Turn right at the second corner.


She and I are in front of our tent.

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I want to find true love.

On July tenth, the veto was announced.

Where will the concert be?

Pharamp wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a great summer with many concerts!

The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century.

Success in exams doesn't mean a thing to her.

He fixed the bookshelf to the wall.


Kee persuaded Len not to go swimming by herself.


Patrick couldn't figure out how to do it.


I don't like the way you laugh at her.

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But there's a big difference between forced and voluntary labor.

Today I haven't dealt with the things I wanted to deal with; I'll have to work overtime again.

I have more important things to do.

You know that we don't have much time right now.

You should memorize as many English words as possible.

We have known Paul for a long time.